startling in your wrongness

7.08.2010's time to smile again.

i know lady gaga is this brilliant creative genius and all BUT i just watched the alejandro video and i'm disturbed. i don't need to see weird men with bowl cuts who should have been the naughty 4th stooge thrusting their man bulges at a chick in a rubber nun suit. 

how do you even come up with that? i don't even wanna know the answer gaga fans. i know it's probably a homage to sexually oppressed women of the turn of the century who never got to wear rubber while being humped by moe, but i don't care.

i realize this could be the beginning a crotchety prude's rants.


  1. I almost just fell off my chair laughing.
    While I love the lady's music and admire her combination of outrageousness and business sense, I have to agree that her videos make me wonder what kind of traumatic events happened to her as a child to give her these ideas.
    Either that or she's such a powerhouse she comes up with the craziest thing imaginable and no one says 'no.'


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