P.F. time

pauper fridays are losing their appeal. i've realized i indeed don't need that much in life to be happy.

(somewhere my mom is saying "i told you so.")

this little exercise proved quite helpful, though. this will be the last one for a bit, but who knows what's in store for my imaginary wallet in the futuro.

for this fine and lovely friday i have but one purchase: a month stay in europe. fly into heathrow and then travel my little butt off. $16,000 buckaroos? no problem...my imaginary wallet is good for it. mad phatness there. like i was just telling mummy the other day, i had to break in the black american express card the company sent me for my birthday.

 ...i wanna get lost in a foreign city. i want to end up in some pub, sit in a corner and laugh with a snaggle-toothed man named thackery. i want to take trains across europe, read in parks, plant my feet in foreign soils and grow a different kind of wisdom that only comes from that kind of adventure. visit museums, eat new foods at room temperature...shed some american naivete.

oh to explore...


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