pauper friday

last week i went crazy with my faux purchases...left me little to scoop up this weekend. (oh the problems the rich must have.)

1. I have a growing list of books i want to read in this lifetime...i've gotten a bit behind, but this one's been in my crackberry notes for a long, long time. time to start flippin some pages and downloading some eBooks! 2. my little wonderful librarian friend recommended this gem of a book. it's a series of 3. she made sure to let me know that's it because i fear getting caught up in a series. i hate the upfront commitment you have to make. just not right...3. green luggage!!! ok i really honestly did purchase this one because i've needed luggage for YEARS (ever since my stinkin' kid sis took my stuff to costa rica and destroyed the darn stuff). i'm happy and poor and that's ok. need is different than want, remember.4. i've been looking for a nice neat little hand bag for quite some time. this one shall do.


  1. The Hunger Games is one of the best books I have read in a long time! It's YA, but has a great tone and deals with really amazing socio-political issues. It's also quite feminist. I read it about two years ago and have made all my friends read it and we are all now anxiously anticipating the final book release in August. The Hunger Games series has impacted me nearly as much as His Dark Materials did when I first read those...

  2. ooo now i want to read it even more! i brought zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance with me...hopefully i can dent that bad boy this weekend on planes.

  3. If you need a copy of HG I have an advance reader's copy you can borrow (it's still on my to-read list but it's a ways down on the queue right now).
    Also, when do you want to come over to gain some coffee goodness?


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