p is for pauper dreamin'

i'm still having fun with this little pauper friday thing...

i warn you it takes me a long, long time to finally get sick of something. i ate turkey sandwhiches for YEARS before i finally decided my taste buds were dead. same went for the oatmeal i consumed every day for over a year from my employer's cafeteria.

meaning: you'll see my fakazoid purchases for awhile...

1.i heart these coffee table books. i'd scoop up the japanese bookaroo one for my best bud who's fav painting is the great wave off kanagawa. a themed gift if you will. 2.the lobster coffee table book is for me. i just seem like the type of girl who should rock a lobster book. don't you think? 3. i've wanted to do some art for the guy's apartment for awhile now. i have a picture in my heart that's itchin' to break out! 4. who doesn't need a pair of uber expensive diamond and turquoise earrings? i'd rock these with a white tee and some blue jeans...step back sessay guuurl! 5. um...do i even need to write it out? PIMP PINKY RANG!!! (and it's green...oh let me count the ways...)







  1. I was drawn to the lobster book a bit, too! And I'm in LOVE with that ring...

  2. Not a fan of the lobster book... of course, lobsters make me die, so that's probably why.
    I agree with Jenn on the ring. It. Is. Gorgeous.

  3. of course ya'll love the ring...my pimpin' is fabulous!


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