a wrinkle just developed in my noggin...(meaning i just had a new thought)

if i ruled the world we'd all be rewarded for our weirdness. i was talking with a fellow coworker yesterday about poots. i remarked that it's so nice that women today are so care free and able to discuss toots so openly. my coworker, evvie, was quick to inform me that not all women were like this...only the women who i forced to have such discussions with me.


in my world if you could openly talk about poots and other embarrassing body music then you would get a free yacht and life supply of kiwi. (either the fruit or get to choose.)

all those leadership conferences i was dragged off to as a kid paid off apparently.

yes, i realize this is liquor i'm holding, but it looks


  1. Ha Ha Ha.....Tish, you totally crack me up!



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