meet the fockers

or kellers...

i think i fooled myself into thinking the guy meeting the fam bam wasn't a big deal...

it almost worked out. i almost fooled myself, but alas, once we stepped inside the condo where my parents were fast asleep the reality of the situation hit. i warned him that if a strange white woman happened to be standing above him in the morning cheesing he shouldn't be afraid...that was just "the mom" and she was quite harmless. weird, but harmless.

and i tossed and turned the rest of the morning until the strange white woman was above my bed and cheesing.

i heard her say something about the guy looking uncomfortable on the couch in the living room (good old fashioned parents i tell ya!) and i buried my head inside my pillow. she HAD been peeping at the dude lol...poor guy. i called it.

i won't give a play by play because it's tuesday and most are back at work and most are barely keeping their eyes open BUT i will say that meeting the parents IS indeed a BFD. (bitchin' funny decision)

i've been sans fam for many years now. i figured the person i am today is a direct product of my solo journeys, but the minute i brought my guy around the family i knew that was a darn tootin' misconception i should immediately toss out.

i AM my family...and the reason no one has met them in 9 years is because they're me at my most vulnerable. it takes guts to show those parts.

looking at them, talking with them...well it's a direct window into my soul. you see how i grew up...where i came from...what i immersed myself in as a wee one. i've also always known i'm a product of different worlds. i shift me's depending on what side of the family i'm interacting with (a product of my mixed-ness) and i've learned over the years that it's hard for folks without the same mixed-ness to keep up. i did not realize that someone who could be comfortable with that, someone who could appreciate the subtle differences could also appreciate the similarities. my mom opened her mouth and my boyfriend's jaw dropped. he chuckled realizing I'M.JUST.LIKE.HER.

he experienced one of my real me's....not that i come to him fake every day, but i never really realized just how much me is shaped by other people until i took him home to oregon.

...this whole big kid relationship thing is a kick ass adventure.


  1. I have so much to say on this and so little time! I'm so happy he got to see "you" in your family element. I agree with the mixedness and the shape-shifting, as I call it. It's what makes us unique, but not everyone gets it!


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