kansas mafia

my cup runneth over...

i had not one, but two ku jayhawk buds in town visiting their folks who live in la. i was supposed to hook up with both folks one weekend not so long ago, but i had this weird nap, lazy, crazy thing happening so i was pretty m.i.a. (i had to text my guy and tell him sorry for the rip van winkle trip i took) BUT the cosmos love me and decided i should still see my buds.

i told amanda and maria, (amanda be the artist from ku endowment days, maria be my hollywood industry buddy here in la la land) i'd meet them for breakfast sunday morning...i tell them i'm on my way and maria texts me saying she's got a surprise for me...the surprise was the OTHER friend who was also randomly in town. holy bumber balls was it crazy!

kim works at endowment too...she randomly went to a getty center concert yesterday, ran into amanda and maria there and voila!!! i had breakfast surprises! fist pumps for tishy!

taste, the breakfast melrose joint, was tasty but the highlight was catching up with the gals. they're just so wonderful and fun and talented and swell. just luv 'em to pieces.

it was total KU mafia time in la la land. best cali sunday in a long, long time...


(kim & me)
i talk with my hands. so sue me.

i tell them how one should pose if they are korean and demand a small, beautiful face

then kim joins in on the fun

missed this gal. most fun techy chick in the WORLD

(Amanda & Maria)
mixed chick & red head. is it a rule that best friends must satisfy these two descriptions?

(Kim mommy & Eric)
i finally met the actor. this guy was on chuck recently. i touched him. he knows my name. yeah i'm cool like that.

hey...my mom does this too! an acting thing maybe?

* all photos stole and took from kim's recent post.


  1. I'm so glad you stole the pictures--that last one of my brother makes me laugh every time!

    Good to see you, Tishy. See you again soon! :)


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