no one travels as high as he who knows not where he is going...

i'm on the east coast...a far away land, once i thought to be mythical, called jersey.

it's crazy visiting a place with this kind of infamy...

upon landing in joyzee, i saw a cop throwing a man up against a car. i squealed in the backseat and yelled out, "look! i see crime!" (i witnessed crime...i feel like snookie more and more)

what can i say about jersey so far? well, people really do luv their tanning booths here. luv the accent. folks will look at you strangely if you order a spinach, cream cheese egg bagel, there's smelly pockets that remind me of the place i was born (that i will never admit, write, or say out loud.) and it's not as hot as i thought it would be. no buckwheat hair!!! woo to the hoo!

the point of this trip wasn't to get my snookie freak on though. i came here to meet the guy's peoples. at one point i turned to him and started singing "a whole new world" from aladdin. like i said in a post i did a couple weeks ago, meeting the family is like meeting the nitty gritty parts of one's soul. i can officially say i know this's not enough that i know how he likes his coffee...

it's official, i'm totally 100% in the guy is the shiznit...the bee's pizza pie in the sky real deal. i think i shall keep him.

"like i said...all i want is a juiced tanned guy" GTL!


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