happy 4th!

this year for the 4th i'm going back...back into time.

when i was still chillin' in middle earth (aka kansas city, mo) i would journey to the boondocks and chill at my parent's lake house for 4th of july weekends. my mom is infamous for buying a shat load of fireworks and letting my dad play on the roof of the deck lighting them off.

the kids would gather at the top of the hill where the house sits and watch lights explode above while i annoyed people with my "oooo, ahhhhhhhhs."

this year i won't have the lake house, but i'll have my parents...and hopefully some crazy pyrotechnics.

the guy and i are traveling to bend, oregon to hang with the parental units, sister and grandparents. it's been about 9 years since i've introduced a fella to the family...this should be pretty darn interesting. NINE! (say that like an angry german soldier)

wish him luck...
ps isn't it supposed to NOT be a big deal to bring someone home after you've reached a certain age?

happy 4th everybody.


  1. always a big deal no matter what age!!! Happy 4th of July!


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