gut you like the pig that you are

typing on george (my laptop) feels so foreign. i was gone for 10  whole days...i have no IDEAR where to begin. so many many great stories...

in 10 days i grew hip to my guy's world. i met his family and THE largest group of friends possible and it all was perfect. his pack of guys reminded me of the fellas from the sandlot. his close girl friends scooped me up into their worlds and by the end of the trip i felt like the "us" my guy and i created was pretty much chillin in the land of awesomeness. (it's always good when you love the friends!)

i loved seeing where he came from...the schools he had attended, the church he had grown up in. i loved being in his world.

i think you might rubber band gun me to death if i were to list out everything we did during that time. short and sweet: we ate A LOT...and it all consisted of fried stuff that now makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. everything was oh-so-bad and now the gym will be my worst frickin nightmare. (all the "i'm on vacation" rationalizations as i shoved crap in my mouth are haunting me now as my gut pushes up against my jean buttons...mmm sexy.)

i went to a wedding and caught the bouquet. i saw jersey. i saw lots of jersey and lots of hood stops and some sweet spots. i saw one of the FBG gals, erin bo derin, and visited with one of the sista girls from my college days, lex. (we chilled in a brownstone similar to the cosby's little abode and watched bollywood...cuz that's what brooklyn folks do of course.)

i did so much i had to take naps every day, but not before i'd catch up on my filipino soaps with the guy's mom. i'm kind of obsessed with one called noah.

i'm officially a big kid now. i met parents and it was a big deal...not just for me, but for him. i could tell he was nervous for me to meet the people he deems most important. i felt kind of honored actually.

i learned that lolas (grandmas) love to party and get DOWN on dance floors. i learned that in my guy's fam bam, it's perfectly acceptable and far from strange to hear someone say "we have to go pick up the pig in the morning for the birthday party." (total big fat greek wedding moment for me...tear) and most importantly i learned from every mouth of every person i met that my guy is truly a great guy and if i ever left him they'd "gut me like the pig that i was." 

jersey love is a beautiful thing. beautiful.


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