eclipse was seen...and it was liked

yeah, yeah, yeah...this is about a month late. sue me. i DID get a chance to see eclipse opening night in a special sneak preview. it rocked. the movie was better than its predecessors. i laughed a little, cried a little and jumped more times than i'd care to admit. am i a twihard? yes. do i enjoy this fact? sadly, yes.

9:00 pm showing (everyone else in so cal = midnight) oh yeah!!!

the chicks beside us provided candy while we waited in the hour-long line

twihards can be scary. they come in packs.

my boo. don't hate.


  1. OK, you and the cutout is priceless. Any time you bag on anyone for their obsessions (not that you would do this, but should it ever come up) I'm referring you back to that photo.
    It is epic in its geektasticness :)


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