don't question my gangsta

Boredom wars:

this is what bored little girls do at work...that are twinkies anyways. i write "hey nicole. i'm bored." so she sends me this: 

so i send:

she sends this back with the message, "i see and i raise yours by adding drool and grasshopper drinking it."

then i have to pull out the big guns..."suspicious" stains on face. melancholy man on head and hula girl...WHAT!


  1. please find some work to do. lol.

  2. oh such an easy request to write, but actually ridding us of our boredom is a horse of a different color.

  3. Fantastic! So funny! I feel like you could have a whole blog on work boredom wars.

  4. can i just say i'm a little stoked you commented since i just added your blog to my dailies? i'm pickled green i tell ya!

    your stuff is a hoot!

    my kiwi obsession actually started with an 'orea' conversation...


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