kansas mafia

my cup runneth over...

i had not one, but two ku jayhawk buds in town visiting their folks who live in la. i was supposed to hook up with both folks one weekend not so long ago, but i had this weird nap, lazy, crazy thing happening so i was pretty m.i.a. (i had to text my guy and tell him sorry for the rip van winkle trip i took) BUT the cosmos love me and decided i should still see my buds.

i told amanda and maria, (amanda be the artist from ku endowment days, maria be my hollywood industry buddy here in la la land) i'd meet them for breakfast sunday morning...i tell them i'm on my way and maria texts me saying she's got a surprise for me...the surprise was the OTHER friend who was also randomly in town. holy bumber balls was it crazy!

kim works at endowment too...she randomly went to a getty center concert yesterday, ran into amanda and maria there and voila!!! i had breakfast surprises! fist pumps for tishy!

taste, the breakfast melrose joint, was tasty but the highlight was catching up with the gals. they're just so wonderful and fun and talented and swell. just luv 'em to pieces.

it was total KU mafia time in la la land. best cali sunday in a long, long time...


(kim & me)
i talk with my hands. so sue me.

i tell them how one should pose if they are korean and demand a small, beautiful face

then kim joins in on the fun

missed this gal. most fun techy chick in the WORLD

(Amanda & Maria)
mixed chick & red head. is it a rule that best friends must satisfy these two descriptions?

(Kim mommy & Eric)
i finally met the actor. this guy was on chuck recently. i touched him. he knows my name. yeah i'm cool like that.

hey...my mom does this too! an acting thing maybe?

* all photos stole and took from kim's recent post.


a wrinkle just developed in my noggin...(meaning i just had a new thought)

if i ruled the world we'd all be rewarded for our weirdness. i was talking with a fellow coworker yesterday about poots. i remarked that it's so nice that women today are so care free and able to discuss toots so openly. my coworker, evvie, was quick to inform me that not all women were like this...only the women who i forced to have such discussions with me.


in my world if you could openly talk about poots and other embarrassing body music then you would get a free yacht and life supply of kiwi. (either the fruit or peoples...you get to choose.)

all those leadership conferences i was dragged off to as a kid paid off apparently.

yes, i realize this is liquor i'm holding, but it looks leadership-y...no?

gut you like the pig that you are

typing on george (my laptop) feels so foreign. i was gone for 10  whole days...i have no IDEAR where to begin. so many stories...so many great stories...

in 10 days i grew hip to my guy's world. i met his family and THE largest group of friends possible and it all was perfect. his pack of guys reminded me of the fellas from the sandlot. his close girl friends scooped me up into their worlds and by the end of the trip i felt like the "us" my guy and i created was pretty much chillin in the land of awesomeness. (it's always good when you love the friends!)

i loved seeing where he came from...the schools he had attended, the church he had grown up in. i loved being in his world.

i think you might rubber band gun me to death if i were to list out everything we did during that time. short and sweet: we ate A LOT...and it all consisted of fried stuff that now makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. everything was oh-so-bad and now the gym will be my worst frickin nightmare. (all the "i'm on vacation" rationalizations as i shoved crap in my mouth are haunting me now as my gut pushes up against my jean buttons...mmm sexy.)

i went to a wedding and caught the bouquet. i saw jersey. i saw lots of jersey and lots of hood stops and some sweet spots. i saw one of the FBG gals, erin bo derin, and visited with one of the sista girls from my college days, lex. (we chilled in a brownstone similar to the cosby's little abode and watched bollywood...cuz that's what brooklyn folks do of course.)

i did so much i had to take naps every day, but not before i'd catch up on my filipino soaps with the guy's mom. i'm kind of obsessed with one called noah.

i'm officially a big kid now. i met parents and it was a big deal...not just for me, but for him. i could tell he was nervous for me to meet the people he deems most important. i felt kind of honored actually.

i learned that lolas (grandmas) love to party and get DOWN on dance floors. i learned that in my guy's fam bam, it's perfectly acceptable and far from strange to hear someone say "we have to go pick up the pig in the morning for the birthday party." (total big fat greek wedding moment for me...tear) and most importantly i learned from every mouth of every person i met that my guy is truly a great guy and if i ever left him they'd "gut me like the pig that i was." 

jersey love is a beautiful thing. beautiful.


no one travels as high as he who knows not where he is going...

i'm on the east coast...a far away land, once i thought to be mythical, called jersey.

it's crazy visiting a place with this kind of infamy...

upon landing in joyzee, i saw a cop throwing a man up against a car. i squealed in the backseat and yelled out, "look! i see crime!" (i witnessed crime...i feel like snookie more and more)

what can i say about jersey so far? well, people really do luv their tanning booths here. luv the accent. folks will look at you strangely if you order a spinach, cream cheese egg bagel, there's smelly pockets that remind me of the place i was born (that i will never admit, write, or say out loud.) and it's not as hot as i thought it would be. no buckwheat hair!!! woo to the hoo!

the point of this trip wasn't to get my snookie freak on though. i came here to meet the guy's peoples. at one point i turned to him and started singing "a whole new world" from aladdin. like i said in a post i did a couple weeks ago, meeting the family is like meeting the nitty gritty parts of one's soul. i can officially say i know this cat...it's not enough that i know how he likes his coffee...

it's official, i'm totally 100% in the know...my guy is the shiznit...the bee's knees...my pizza pie in the sky real deal. i think i shall keep him.

"like i said...all i want is a juiced tanned guy" GTL!


i bought this little fella these shoes a couple months ago and they finally fit his cute tiny little feet. there's just something about buying tiny stuff that makes my whole world turn frilly girly. i want to eat his cheeks, then gobble up those little legs...with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

eclipse was seen...and it was liked

yeah, yeah, yeah...this is about a month late. sue me. i DID get a chance to see eclipse opening night in a special sneak preview. it rocked. the movie was better than its predecessors. i laughed a little, cried a little and jumped more times than i'd care to admit. am i a twihard? yes. do i enjoy this fact? sadly, yes.

9:00 pm showing (everyone else in so cal = midnight) oh yeah!!!

the chicks beside us provided candy while we waited in the hour-long line

twihards can be scary. they come in packs.

my boo. don't hate.

P.F. time

pauper fridays are losing their appeal. i've realized i indeed don't need that much in life to be happy.

(somewhere my mom is saying "i told you so.")

this little exercise proved quite helpful, though. this will be the last one for a bit, but who knows what's in store for my imaginary wallet in the futuro.

for this fine and lovely friday i have but one purchase: a month stay in europe. fly into heathrow and then travel my little butt off. $16,000 buckaroos? no problem...my imaginary wallet is good for it. mad phatness there. like i was just telling mummy the other day, i had to break in the black american express card the company sent me for my birthday.

 ...i wanna get lost in a foreign city. i want to end up in some pub, sit in a corner and laugh with a snaggle-toothed man named thackery. i want to take trains across europe, read in parks, plant my feet in foreign soils and grow a different kind of wisdom that only comes from that kind of adventure. visit museums, eat new foods at room temperature...shed some american naivete.

oh to explore...

don't question my gangsta

Boredom wars:

this is what bored little girls do at work...that are twinkies anyways. i write "hey nicole. i'm bored." so she sends me this: 

so i send:

she sends this back with the message, "i see and i raise yours by adding drool and grasshopper drinking it."

then i have to pull out the big guns..."suspicious" stains on face. melancholy man on head and hula girl...WHAT!

p is for pauper dreamin'

i'm still having fun with this little pauper friday thing...

i warn you it takes me a long, long time to finally get sick of something. i ate turkey sandwhiches for YEARS before i finally decided my taste buds were dead. same went for the oatmeal i consumed every day for over a year from my employer's cafeteria.

meaning: you'll see my fakazoid purchases for awhile...

1.i heart these coffee table books. i'd scoop up the japanese bookaroo one for my best bud who's fav painting is the great wave off kanagawa. a themed gift if you will. 2.the lobster coffee table book is for me. i just seem like the type of girl who should rock a lobster book. don't you think? 3. i've wanted to do some art for the guy's apartment for awhile now. i have a picture in my heart that's itchin' to break out! 4. who doesn't need a pair of uber expensive diamond and turquoise earrings? i'd rock these with a white tee and some blue jeans...step back sessay guuurl! 5. um...do i even need to write it out? PIMP PINKY RANG!!! (and it's green...oh let me count the ways...)






startling in your wrongness

...it's time to smile again.

i know lady gaga is this brilliant creative genius and all BUT i just watched the alejandro video and i'm disturbed. i don't need to see weird men with bowl cuts who should have been the naughty 4th stooge thrusting their man bulges at a chick in a rubber nun suit. 

how do you even come up with that? i don't even wanna know the answer gaga fans. i know it's probably a homage to sexually oppressed women of the turn of the century who never got to wear rubber while being humped by moe, but i don't care.

i realize this could be the beginning a crotchety prude's rants.

a fallen magnolia

Yes I understand that every life must end, aw huh,..

As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, aw huh,..

I’m a lucky man to count on both hands

The ones I love...

i apologize for another sad song, but when some one's passing leaves you numb there's nothing else my brain will do.

yesterday i found out that one of my girl cousins who would come up to missouri from mississippi in the summers caught a weird virus/bacteria in her lungs the week after her wedding...and yesterday they took her off life support.

conversations with my mom would end up with me choking in tears...i couldn't even remain calm to keep her steady and straight to face her family. a young cousin passes in a blink of an eye...life is so fleeting...so delicate.

another cousin was the one who called to tell me and together we sat there on the phone totally weirded out and silent. the three of us would play together as kids. we were the oldest of the crew...

i had no clue how to be yesterday. still don't know how actually. she's a facebook friend...and i see people's messages sending her luck and prayers...that page will just remain frozen--a morbid memory that unnerves me greatly.these are the things i can't help but think of. life stopped and we keep going.

they say she woke up a couple of times. she was able to tell her father that if she slipped again, to let her go...
she had three small boys...she had just married (big dream wedding)...only 31 years old...i hadn't seen her in years...my poor aunt and uncle...those poor kids...how is the family holding up and supporting each other?...why does this happen and what does it all mean?

i read a poem as a kid about this tree that caused a man to ponder life and death...every time someone close to me passes i'm reminded of that poem...in this case it's a magnolia tree...that feisty, strong girl let go from a mississippi tree.

my mom said all tracie had ever wanted was a big beautiful wedding and she got that...my mom believes tracie would have wanted us all to remember to carpe diem and go after what makes us happy. after the numb & shock fade i'll try my best.

xoxo tracie steele...rest in peace.

meet the fockers

or kellers...

i think i fooled myself into thinking the guy meeting the fam bam wasn't a big deal...

it almost worked out. i almost fooled myself, but alas, once we stepped inside the condo where my parents were fast asleep the reality of the situation hit. i warned him that if a strange white woman happened to be standing above him in the morning cheesing he shouldn't be afraid...that was just "the mom" and she was quite harmless. weird, but harmless.

and i tossed and turned the rest of the morning until the strange white woman was above my bed and cheesing.

i heard her say something about the guy looking uncomfortable on the couch in the living room (good old fashioned parents i tell ya!) and i buried my head inside my pillow. she HAD been peeping at the dude lol...poor guy. i called it.

i won't give a play by play because it's tuesday and most are back at work and most are barely keeping their eyes open BUT i will say that meeting the parents IS indeed a BFD. (bitchin' funny decision)

i've been sans fam for many years now. i figured the person i am today is a direct product of my solo journeys, but the minute i brought my guy around the family i knew that was a darn tootin' misconception i should immediately toss out.

i AM my family...and the reason no one has met them in 9 years is because they're me at my most vulnerable. it takes guts to show those parts.

looking at them, talking with them...well it's a direct window into my soul. you see how i grew up...where i came from...what i immersed myself in as a wee one. i've also always known i'm a product of different worlds. i shift me's depending on what side of the family i'm interacting with (a product of my mixed-ness) and i've learned over the years that it's hard for folks without the same mixed-ness to keep up. i did not realize that someone who could be comfortable with that, someone who could appreciate the subtle differences could also appreciate the similarities. my mom opened her mouth and my boyfriend's jaw dropped. he chuckled realizing I'M.JUST.LIKE.HER.

he experienced one of my real me's....not that i come to him fake every day, but i never really realized just how much me is shaped by other people until i took him home to oregon.

...this whole big kid relationship thing is a kick ass adventure.

happy 4th!

this year for the 4th i'm going back...back into time.

when i was still chillin' in middle earth (aka kansas city, mo) i would journey to the boondocks and chill at my parent's lake house for 4th of july weekends. my mom is infamous for buying a shat load of fireworks and letting my dad play on the roof of the deck lighting them off.

the kids would gather at the top of the hill where the house sits and watch lights explode above while i annoyed people with my "oooo, ahhhhhhhhs."

this year i won't have the lake house, but i'll have my parents...and hopefully some crazy pyrotechnics.

the guy and i are traveling to bend, oregon to hang with the parental units, sister and grandparents. it's been about 9 years since i've introduced a fella to the family...this should be pretty darn interesting. NINE! (say that like an angry german soldier)

wish him luck...
ps isn't it supposed to NOT be a big deal to bring someone home after you've reached a certain age?

happy 4th everybody.

pauper friday

last week i went crazy with my faux purchases...left me little to scoop up this weekend. (oh the problems the rich must have.)

1. I have a growing list of books i want to read in this lifetime...i've gotten a bit behind, but this one's been in my crackberry notes for a long, long time. time to start flippin some pages and downloading some eBooks! 2. my little wonderful librarian friend recommended this gem of a book. it's a series of 3. she made sure to let me know that's it because i fear getting caught up in a series. i hate the upfront commitment you have to make. just not right...3. green luggage!!! ok i really honestly did purchase this one because i've needed luggage for YEARS (ever since my stinkin' kid sis took my stuff to costa rica and destroyed the darn stuff). i'm happy and poor and that's ok. need is different than want, remember.4. i've been looking for a nice neat little hand bag for quite some time. this one shall do.

when you're strange

i've always had this theory that you can tell a man is falling for a woman when you catch him snapping unexpected candids...a shot of her walking ahead or looking off into the distance...

...sigh. this is how my guy shows his affections.

...yes, i realize i have a fuzzy hairy nose. a rational person would probably refrain from nose hair shots. not very becoming of a lady and all...not really presenting my best face, putting the good foot forward (you get my drift.) but when you're strange modesty, humility...all of that good stuff goes right out the winder.

ps i think i'll keep him
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