uncle sam needs your help

i have some truly great people in my corner.

the guy, annie, j, b, brigid, melissa, nicole and the countless others who have dropped kind words thank you from the bottom of my butt. (i never really understood the bottom/heart thing)

next week i plan to release three short excerpts from my book. my 13 rejection letters have been good lessons... i'm increasing the word count on my baby (i.e. the memoir) to 40,000 words and looking for some feedback. that's where ya'll come in.

next monday and wednesday i'll post and if you can find the time PLEASE have your friends and your friends' friends read and tell them comments & suggestions are welcomed. i want my baby to grow and i realize that means i need to put myself out there and let the world have its way with me...(that's what she said).

did it work m.a.? no?

anyways see you all on monday. have a great weekend!!!


the writer


  1. Woohoo! Can't wait to read!

    Give it to the masses -- we're hungry! :)

  2. So excited to read it :)

    Also, did you see the vid I posted on FB with Alfred Hitchcock making the first 'that's what she said' type joke? :)

  3. yayyyyyy!!!! i wanna read it!! finally!! :D

  4. oooh yay, i wanna read it!!!!!! finally!!


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