the turn: a simile

the turn is like having a wedgie all day and finally getting to pick that sucker after hours of total butt torturous hell...

we wait for the turn...that sweet moment when luck hops up onto some kind of wind of change and blows right into your eyeballs. i can't lie. this week hasn't been a thrill on blueberry hill folks. i kind of felt like sophia from the color purple, rocking back and forth, looking TOE up saying, "i's feelin' real down. i's feelin' mighty bad."

then i felt a tiny breeze...and received a phone call from doc chow saying hey no need to worry about that hoo hoo of yours. she's fine. no bad cells...nothing cancerous-like to be worried about...go about your life tish! frolic in the fields of fun knowing your hoo hoo will live to vaginate another day. (yes i totally made that word up) and i breathed a sigh of frickin' fantastic relief.

first smile of the day = 4:45pm

some other spiffy things happened after that to make me smile and laugh and feel awesome which is awesome considering i came home and opened up yet another rejection letter from an agent. oh happy day-ay

encouraging words are helping. i have a lot of reading to do. a shat load of writing to do and some advice to take from fellow writers who have sent me nuggets of information to mull over and figure out.


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