stirrup recap

just a quick howdy do to inform those women out there who are curious about lady part problems. (this is when all dudes shut down their computers and scratch their balls to make sure they still have a pair)

i got in those darn stirrups yesterday and everything went just as i expected. it hurt like a mean king crab (are those the biggest kinds?) crawled up my hoo hoo and took a big ole bite out of crime.  

chow thought he'd be clever and get me talking about my lovely oprah turkey burgers i luv to make but as soon as that hella long needle scissor thing came out i shut my trap and let my eyes zone in to that evil contraption (nice try chow!)

it was over in lickedy split time and hopefully pinch/grabs from position 2:00 and 8:00 will show that i indeed am ok...that i can knock out little ones some day and that i can chill from any future freezing processes or whatever else torture plan they have to remove bad cells from the hoo hoo. 

chow always seems to calm me down in just enough time to freak me out BUT like last time i had someone totally awesome in my corner to be there when i shuffled out of the room of doom. 

keep you posted!


ms hella hoo hoo herself


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