*pauper time in the hizzouze!


i am on a 100% spending freeze. this is serious folks. do you know how many different emails i receive a day listing sales i can not participate in? it's cruel, i'll admit, but it's taught me a few things...

at first i was really bummed and ashamed with myself...being 29 in all, it would be nice if i could go out to dinner when i want to or buy a pimp pinky ring if my little heart desires but that ain't life for me as i know it and that's cool. that's aight...

it's been 3 weeks since i went to the pauper zone and i've noticed changes that i'm kind of proud of:

first, i'm in control. i get some kinda rush off of saying no. it's like i'm two again.

second point: how is it that we've accepted the mentality that we need, need NEED all the time? why is it not ok that i haven't shopped for clothes for a couple of months? i feel a bit free when i close down my favorite shopping sites and haven't accidentally pulled out my credit card and made an oops.

third, free stuff becomes sacred. the other morning i walked out of my apartment into the pool area of my complex and noticed we had gotten all new patio furniture. the old stuff was chillin off to the side. i turned right back around, told the guy to follow me out and we gangsta-like hoisted two chairs and a table into my pad. i plan to paint those bad boys and have some fun. i felt like such a bad arse.

FOURTH and last: computer window shopping rocks! i love all the things i buy in my head. figured i'd share my treasures with you just once. i know...i'm a lucky bastard. what can i say.

1. perfect summer wedding dress and necklace. heart goes pitterpat. 2. the guy is allowing me to decorate his spot. this clock would be perfect in his zany living room. 3. art for him. 4. necklace for me. i swear every time i'd wear this i'd sing "she's hungry like the wooooolf. 5. & 6. pillows for his couch. 7. this tiffany's necklace is called "cobblestone...it's inspired by the garden theme the company is doing. sigh...8. more art cuz art rocks. 9. i've wanted a vintage gold rolex since i was 17. some day alice...someday!!!10.PINKY PIMP RANG! PINKY PIMP RANG!










*so i'm diggin pauper imaginary shopping stuff. think i'll continue this. every friday be on the lookout for what my fabulously fake rich self buys. mwahahaha


  1. been there...embrace the bean burrito

  2. lol shame on you and your flatulence inducing suggestions


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