movies, friends and beach oh my!

oh such a lovely weekend. i spent my time hanging with a bunch of different friends including d, brigid, and b (as well as a grip of others) and each gathering was the bomb.

...saw shrek, iron man 2, sex and the city (woo to the hoo!) and prince of persia...all were rockin' good ish that i recommend. reviewers suck lately! i heard all of them were boo boo. i do not concur. i ate lovely good food and drank more than the average bear. 2 drinks for me is a record yo! i am no sailor.

i had girl time and guy time, old school friend time and new friend time...i did what i love to do most--i laughed, watched movies and napped near the ocean.

i'm meant to be near water...i'm a pisces, my nickname as a kid was "tish the fish" stuff just finds me, so when i do get to kick it at the beach it's not long before i'm snoring like a grown arse man with a hairy chest and beer gut.  i went to the beach twice...therefore, tishy got some good snoozes in. it don't get no betta...

recharging the batteries is something i've needed for a really long time. (a really long time) this holiday weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

i think i'm finally starting to go thru that magical thing people call californication...well without the fornication part :)


bodacious beach babe


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