ironic verbosity

i tend to hear a snazzy word and that snazzy word then becomes the core of a post...this post's word is verbose... thanks to mateo the great for that one ;)

# 1 reason people tell me they just can't read my posts are too long and i write every day so there are too many.

how ironic that my now finished book is too short. i have writing assignments every night to add more, more, MORE TRICK! to the book. this is essential to landing a dang agent. i'm sure they're looking at my 28,000 word memoir and thinking "amateur chick needs a good bitch slappin' dose of reality!"

luckily, this gal can write her little butt off about this stuff. i've taken a long enough break to look at it all with fresh perspective. so if my posts are sometimes scattered, ya'll will know why. i have to focus like a gassy person doing sit ups.

...wrote 2,000 words yesterday. 


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