the flying tomato

how to drive tishy mad hatter loony in under 24 hours...have her car break down and tell her it's time she join that infamous group who make monthly payments on cars. 

i can honestly say i went to stressed out city, parked in a stressed out place and let the stressed out vibes consume me until i was seriously going thru panic attacks that would make worry warts of the world jealous. learning it was time to buy a new car and that i would have to purchase this new car on my very own was scary and a half but I DID IT! 

i bought a car...a 2008 toyota matrix actually and while it's not my cup of tea color wise (red and i don't really go hand in hand when it comes to vehicle choices) that ish was hella cheap and had baby step miles on it. the guy figured he could store his snow boards comfortably in the back...once i saw the little red hearts popping up where his eyes should have been i knew i had to get it...skip all that nonsense about dream cars and aesthetic bliss...i needed something practical...i needed something that wouldn't leave me stranded on a freeway at midnight...i needed something juicy. 

thus entered what i have deemed the flying tomato. (a little bit snowboard, a little bit speed demon red)

the flying tomato runs, it has cool little features that surpass my belovedly dead sebring's (may she rest in peace.)

the sebring (kizzix) couldn't be sold she was so old. i've donated her to charity and hopefully she'll be picked up this week. i'm actually going to probably more than likely (ok i will) cry my bloody eyes out when i see her getting towed away from me. that darn tootin' thing has been with me since 1999...a week before i started my freshmen year of college. so many memories...she did me proud. 

j's pretty excited i got a red waggy lookin' car. back in high school she sported a ford wagon that we lovingly referred to as the "shaggin' wagon" (circa austin powers' movies). when i described the car to her she wrote, "For real. Shaggin' wagon part deux! You gotta bump it hard to see if it farts."

i don't know if the flying tomato will have a personality...does anything new have one? i don't know, but if the thing has half the character of kizzix or the j's old ride i'll be happy.

is it weird to love or miss a tangible object that much?

ps it hurts my heart to give a way a piece of paper that says i own something in this world...i need for someone to hold me. for real. hold me.

 rest in peace my luv...


  1. Congratulations! Big baller with your new (to you) car. Can I get a ride?

  2. I'll miss that dang car, too. We had so many good times in and I never got to say a proper goodbye. Cars are like a second home that house memories--good times and bads. They help define time. You'll definitely put personality into your new chapter!

    (And I totally cried over an old couch and balled when we turned the Sable in, so cry my friend -- CRY!)

  3. lol i have PLENTY of room for friends my dawling twinkie!

    j you're so right...they are second homes. today will be all about the ugly tears. i'm still second guessing this decision...maybe i should have kept fixing her lol.

  4. While I'm sad for you losing your beloved car (I'm fearing the day the same fate comes for my Gandalf), your new car looks totes aweesome! I can't wait to take a ride in it :)

  5. Please don't forget to tell Jersey that his go with to buy a car buying privileges are over... LaTisha in a red station wagon....pshhhhh


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