do you dream your father's dreams?

day 30...not doing so hot on the writing confidence front, but lucky for me i have darling little daily emails that come in and create a tiny bit of hope...a tiny bit.

Throughout the hallowed ages those in the unseen have always marveled at the accomplishments and creations of humankind. Whether a sandcastle or a skyscraper; a painting or a poem; they're humbled by your ability to reflect, to engineer, to craft, and to create something that has never before existed within time and space.

But it's not the creation that impresses; these all exist here to the nth degree. It's the persistence and determination of the seemingly mortal dreamer who steadfastly holds a new thought in mind, either of the creation or of its inevitable success, and moves with it, even while the rest of the world is content dreaming their father's dreams.

This is what is admired; not just because it's so rare, but because it is so, even when such innovative potential lies within all.

Cool, huh?

The Universe


  1. you are on twitter? um, yes, come to my corner of the twitterverse. @so_you_know

    and this just in from a fellow writer on twitter...
    doesn't DIRECTLY help you, but INDIRECTLY puts things in perspective. a landmine of 'hope'. realistic hope.

    101 Tips From The World's Most Famoust Authors

    and from a different individual. i believe this one is an agent/editor.

    Twitter: A Book Addict's Paradise

    And right now, I am participating in a community of 300 people doing this:

    21 days: 5 days of Yoga--Any type, for however long and 800 words of writing for those 5 days

    As my new twitter friend, the one who organized the 215800 thingy says, "As the saying goes, Facebook is for everyone you already know, Twitter is for the people you have yet to meet."

    I hope this helps.



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