conversations with slabs of meat

yesterday was the day of the bbq.

i went to not one, but TWO bbq's that consisted of meat, meat AND MO MEAT! (my tummy hurts still...hours later. help.)

first bbq was the guy and i's ploy to get friends we heart dearly together for some bonding time in marina del rey. we set up shop under a pretty tree (sans freakazoid pooping birds) that overlooked the yacht club shore and went to town on turkey burgers, pasta salad, baked/grilled potatoes with a peruvian yellow sauce that made my tummy squeal with joy and hotness (that's a spicy meatball!) carne asada (because la bbqs just aren't complete without that) yummy fruit and other goodies. 

we feasted until our guts gangsta-like yelled " for real" and then we spent a couple hours playing with the token child of the group...just a couple of couples...hanging around...enjoying life.

isn't that what it's really all about? the guy and i got our first grill too, which i have named herby the luv grub. i think you're officially an honest to goodness adult when you have a grill. i'm just saying...

after that par-tay i headed to a work bbq hans solo.the early birds were lookin' at me like i had just stomped on a baby for arriving late, but quickly they calmed and we all settled in for some more grub time and very interesting conversations circling around that age old favorite topic "he said, she said". i LOVE those conversations! men and women are so different..those differences fuel the comedy routine i occasionally bring to the table of goofiness. 

i haven't had a post where i break down events in awhile, but i've been having the most lovely weekends...don't foresee those little bad girls stoppin' anytime soon either. (knock on wood) summer's lookin pretty nice so far ya'll...pretty nice indeedy.


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