is it gumption or stupidity that keeps me going? that's the big question for the week. i received two more rejection letters in the mail. i swear my thick skin is slowly deteriorating...i'm developing this rare disease called "thin skin wimpy-itis". symptoms include throwing one's body onto the floor when seeing words like "no, sorry, lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm and coitus" (i've just always hated that word.) vowing to never write again and constantly reaching out for words of encouragement from anyone and everyone including the maintenance man in my building. (every little bit helps!)

forget writing a book! pimping the book is the hard part. i invested a year (plus a couple) to this writing project and that year so far can be summarized as boo boo stank if we're going at it like these agents have been.

lucky for me i have a couple (and i mean a couple! it's 2 actually...) readers that have been leaving me sweet messages to keep pushing forward. that's what i'm working with right now. melissa and annie, thank you so much for helping me keep the faith.

i'm trying to keep a giraffe perspective...

the other day i kept seeing images of the long-necked beasts and so i looked it up online:

To see a giraffe, suggests that you need to consider the overall picture. Take a broader view on your life and where it is headed.

so that's what i'm attempting to do...stretching the neck out as far as i can...and hoping my recent thin skin issues won't snap the darn thing.


  1. one word: twitter.
    get. on. it.

    do you really want me to bombard you here with links on here as to why facebook is the demise for reaching out and connecting? and twitter is IT in 1001 ways.


    don't give up, and get on twitter and invest time in reading (which I know you do--unlike most folks who just blindly swim, you actually take the time to read, learn, etc. similar to me, I to read, read, read. Sometimes it requires balance--because it can be information overload, but soon you start sorting and deciding 'who' you are going to listen to and learn from.)


  2. Ok, Im excited to be in my first Luv & Kiwi blog :)

    Keep up the giraffe perspective girl, most good things happen when we least expect them. and I have faith in you, you will do big things girl!

    BTW.. I had to look up "coitus" (CHS wasn't a great learning environment for me, so Im still catching on to new words 11+ years later!) but I did learn something new today, thanks to you! :)

  3. i am on twitter, but apparently i need to be where you are lol. we must chat!

    lol @ melissa. i was trying to think of a cooky name for ya but "M" wasn't cutting it lol. glad i could help with some coitus education :)

  4. lol.. call me whatever you want, I just feel special being mentioned in your blog! :)


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