brain leaks

going crazy over nuthin'

i have to find joy in the little things or the big things (like car payments, money for food and shelter) are going to eat a sister alive. this morning i found a tiny bit of joy in ironing. i don't know why but the sounds of an iron's steam make me float a little. anyone else ever feel that way? i heart the soothing sounds of a good whoosh whoosh. my coffee maker makes the same sounds. two appliances in the home making the same noise has to mean something.

i was a designer in my former life (hold hand over flame)

i'm a little beast when it comes to devouring the pages of the ny times at work. it's just my little escape act i try to do every couple of days. recently while skimming the home & garden section i came across LONNY , an online design mag, and fell in love. yes, most of the stuff in there is way over my price range...heck it's over my dream price range, BUT it makes me happy to computer window shop and that's all that really matters, now isn't it?

ugly embraced

have you seen those adorably ugly things known as, you guessed it, ugly dolls? i'm kind of obsessed with them. some day one lucky kid will give me one and i'll love the ugly out of that thing.

ps quite strange considering i HATE stuffed animals of all sorts...make me arse twitch. there's just something snazzy about these suckers i can't really put my finger on.


  1. i love the smell of my mower in the morning

  2. like the actual machine or what the machine chops? lol

  3. i've gone totally hip green and now i have a battery powered lawn more yanking that rope!


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