bats in the belfry

i don't know how many of you out there have ever had incessant car issues, but they drain the living snot out of you.

yesterday i sat in a ralph's grocery store parking lot on a very, very busy street and pouted/cried out of embarrassment, exhaustion, low blood sugar and frustration. you see, my car has been in out of the doc's chair one too many times.

if you do your research you learn that a lot more people are focusing on their old cars because of the craptastic economy...with that being said i'm trying to hold on to my lovely sebring for as long as my bloody knuckles will squeeze cuz that ish is paid off. no car payment...just a lot of credit card crap from the doctor's visits so i want that ish to run. yes, yes, i realize she got me all the way out to los angeles from missouri, but that was then...this is now. i need her to keep truckin'...or keep carring...whatever.

i sat in the cold yesterday thinking about what all of this means. i realize i'm in a semi-shatty issues keep popping up, i'm not hearing back from agents...i'm trying to be really calm in the heart region...real quiet like so i can hear what the universe is trying to tell me. i just need to know what to do.

you know those financial commercials on tv where the person follows a little green path and that's their financial plan? well i want one of those for life period. just go ahead and light my path right on up...let me know what to do and i'll confidently stroll that ish like john travolta...i'll put some feva into it!

since i doubt i'll see that clear and lovely path anytime soon (damn the 20s!) i'll just continue to walk around aimlessly wondering what the heck i'm supposed to live on for the next year while i'm paying off the bits of my soul i've had to sell : )


batty girl chillin up in the belfry like a g funk loon


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