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my fam bam from finland is in town. (family tree break down: my girl anette came to stay with my fam a couple of years ago as an exchange student. therefore she be family and i heart her.)  

she came for a wedding and decided her and her guy, jani, should see la while they were in the states. they've spent the last couple of days exploring the city and hanging with my guy and i. we went to long beach to hang with a birthday guy and his kick arse fiance and showed the finnish folk how we do it in the club. lots of dorky fun dancing and some after hours breakfast grub.

i like seeing this world of ours thru their eyes. santa monica was so dope when we went. we'd sit in the middle of 3rd street promenade and listen to easy music...we sat on the beach and chilled out as the ocean breezes hit. we had lots and lots of good food including crab ravioli and this awesome salmon with cucumber dill yummies.

i feel like a little bit of home has hit the west coast in a really nice kind of way. when they leave, i shall cry like that tiny man who was sat on by that sumo wrestler, just you wait.

i finally found a good spot to check out the sign...only took 5 years

mr smooth

john west is this cat who you can find playing on the streets of santa monica sometimes...we swayed to him for awhile.

anette & yani with some random weirdo who said he'd snap their pic

is it tourist mockery or sweetness? both :)


  1. Neither! You're both dorks. Okay, maybe a little cute too but mostly dorks. ;-)

  2. lol hee hee...i can live with being a dork. i've done it for the last 29 so...


    we should have had one leg up...then the picture would have been complete. next time yo! when you come in town ;)

  3. It's about time that you and your "guy" realized that you are meant to be more than friends. I guess I now have to deal with chipperness and rainbows I'll try to tolorate... but if I can put in a request.. my kiddos need some new mixed kids on the block... they are tired of being the only ones... We'll wait... but not patiently... lol

  4. lmao!!! no comments from the peanut gallery at this time.

  5. ps you putting "guy" in quotes makes the reader assume he's not really a dude. nice gm...nice. lol

  6. Not the one leg up kissy pose! LMAO. You can't emasculate the man this early in the relationship. You gotta wait a while before you take his manhood. Hee hee.

  7. long before i can take it?


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