thelma and louise

i feel like certain points should be beaten into the ground..i'm gonna beat the following dead horse until it gets up and tells me to stop. 

dead horse of choice? female friendships...specifically of the best friend persuasion. 

listen, sometimes i have fears, worries, doubts, and other nasties floating around in my noggin. there are moments when i need to tell someone i can't do it. there are moments when i need to say i'm scared...that i doubt my ability to do something, that i'm selfish, that i'm this or that and i can't just share that with your average joe or josephina. for moments like that i turn to my best friends.

they hear me out and really listen. they don't judge. they help me work through it if i'm really riding a dark horse that day (i'm apparently on a horse kick today) sometimes i need to say something that i know society at large would disapprove of, but i need to get it off my chest anyways and that's when having a louise saves me. 

i remember once in college j said something (totally joking around,totally some dark humor) and these two evil trolls (crazy eye and hook) took it WAY out of proportion and told her whole gang of people she was this evil cretin. i asked j to tell me the joke and of course i got the humor and knew there was zip/nada malice behind it. 

THAT my lovely readers is what friends are for. sometimes i just need to jump off that proverbial cliff with my proverbial car and i need to hold some one's hand while i do it.
i bet your probably wondering where's the guy in all of this...the guy is great and a really supportive awesome friend. please don't mistake my female praises for a chink in that chain. there's just something sacred, ancient and old about the female relationship. (if you don't believe me read the red tent) there are just times where your guy can't be the one you turn to. no matter how well you communicate, he'll never understand the rage that springs from my womb when aunt flo comes a' calling.  he'll never be able to wrap his head around my desire to stab people in the eye or worse treat them to daily swirlies for speaking to me before i've had my morning coffee. and i think he's ok with that...

i appreciate my friends and their immunity to my wicked ways. thank you all for enduring, listening and most of all helping me thru this joy ride thru crazy town. 




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