sometimes it comes back

so if you're one of the totally awesome book wormy kind of folks that can read blogs daily then you may have caught a post i did this time last year about possible cervical annoying effing cancer.

after freezer crotch and some tears i found out it was indeed not the C word but something that was annoying nonetheless (dysplasia).

that ish never went away...yeah, i stopped mentioning it in the blog cuz it just gets old after awhile but month after month they'd test me to see if the mr freeze had worked and sadly it never did. kat, my lovely nurse chick, called today to say that the doc thought we should stop being pansies and get in there and see what's up.

so next thursday i shall go back into the stirrups for some deep diving and tunneling...sounds painful, right? WELL IT IS! IT HURTS LIKE HELL! but i digress...

it's not about the annoyance...not about the temporary pain that can be fixed with some killer's about not freaking the eff out. i'm not freaking anymore. i'm not spazzing and crying in a corner. i don't know if it's because i have a dude in my corner that is seriously dope and a best bud that always gets it. dunno but this is all temporary and i'm rational enough to realize that this is a character-building moment.

i'll be cool and folks will be so surprised that i'm not drama queening it up like i normally do. i will say this sucks balls being a chick sometimes.

men, you should really worship us a bit more for taking the majority of utter rubbish that befalls us wee little female mortals.


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