seeing past the stress

i haven't had a brilliant melt down in quite some time. God checked his watch, noticed my time was up and sent me some good old fashioned drama to keep me on my toes. 

so i mentioned previously that my car felt inspired by kings of leon and decided to set its sex on fire. the smoke sent my baby to shop for days. i finally got her back today but not without strife. i had a cry session that resulted in b having to come to my desk and do what she does best...she talks me thru my worries until i find something bright to carry me thru. (God, it's good to have girlfriends.)

after my crying, after the journey thru heat and traffic, i got my ride back...i picked up my anette (my exchange student/sister from finland who is back visiting the states with her boyfriend jani.) and headed home for some movie time and wind down.

yesterday was such a hard day. that car repair took a bertha sized chunk out of my bank new budget and financial game plan is shot to hell, but that's what nights like last night are for. 

i cleaned me arse off (cuz that's what psychotic type a's do) and then managed to find a little perspective in the mix. a good friend diane texted me to say that God will keep giving you the same lesson over and over again until you get it...i asked her what the lesson was. she said it's me not believing in my power. deep, right? so all those years i thought it was just me making financial all actuality it was me not realizing that i can DO this. 

i'm working on it folks...

i should have played the lotto i said, still working on it.


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