premature tastes

there's nothing better than walking down a street you've never walked before and finding a shop that makes your heart go pitter pat.

a couple of days ago i was out walking the streets of santa monica with the fella when we came upon the coolest baby store i have ever seen.

i know, you're sitting there...reading this and you're thinking "i don't really recall tish saying she popped out a kid...who goes into baby stores that isn't packin' a bun in the oven?!" but alas if you would have seen the decor in this place you would have walked in too!

first of all there was this awesome toddler bed on display that was decked out all in green and you KNOW that could get my attention with the quickness. the store is a designer's dream.
it was whimsical, clever, sweet, lovely, sophisticated kid-licious.

weego baby had art work that i could totally rock sans baby. i will say though, i was on a street in santa monica...which means it IS a pricy store. i could probably afford a book in there and that's about it, BUT the ideas...the colors and the eyes wanted to soak up every last bit of it.

if you have the cash to blow, i totally recommend going and buying...and then taking pictures so i can be jealous from afar.


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