loyal schmoyal: death to my car!

i'll say it once, i'll say it twice...i loathe car breakdowns more than anything else in the world. i will stress the heck out as soon as i get behind the wheel of my car. the tiniest sound will perk my ears up and cause my heart to beat like a hummingbird's wings. (in tish terms, my ass begins to twitch)

i said before i loved my car and i'll be sad if she dies on me, but i'm so ready to be done with broken car. i don't like broken car. in fact, broken car is loathed.

i'm so stressed out and cracked out over the car shakes i've had to endure recently...the blinking "service your car soon" moments...does anyone else feel my pain?

if the car does indeed die, i'm buying a prius. i've wanted one for years and years. i swear now that my car is moving closer to the light, all i see is that damn prius car. it, and the car payment, are mocking me at every light.

you see, i've never had a car payment in my life. i paid cash for the car i drive now (i know--at one time i was a lucky bi-yotch. those days have passed.)

so what do you do when life throws lemons at you...literally. how do you make lemonade out of a 1999 chrysler sebring? when you get the answer, please share :)

my buddy t monkey works for toyota and has a fella calling me today about how much it would cost me to give up the death trap and move on to my dream car...to be continued.


  1. I swear who dreams of a prius?!? Tish.... Le sigh Tish is the only person I know who dreams of a funky Prius... Everytime I think I've rubbed some gangster off on you, you go around saying things like this... Back to the ol' drawing board

  2. My dream car is a Prius too. Rock on twinkie!

    But if you got one I'd be so jealous. Happy for you. But still jealous.


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