lovely bones

my bookworm friends told me lovely bones was a flick i could pass up and not feel bad about...

with that being said, i didn't go into the movie with high expectations. i sat down to watch it last night thinking it would be a nice little refresher of the book i loved so much...boy was i wrong.

when you hear people describing a movie in a negative light, you assume their nitpicking means you'll watch the film and be distracted by the flaws, but distracted i most certainly was not. maybe you just have to be in that club...that club i refer to occasionally that consists of people who have lost a loved one...

not even thirty minutes into the film i started crying and before i knew it, my guy's chest was soaked with tears...and i didn't stop crying until i fell asleep hours later. something about a loved one sticking around to make sure their spirit has settled into the hearts of the ones they love on earth just ripped at my made me miss my father.

when you lose a parent, the years go by, the tears spread out but they never go away and when they come it's like you just lost that person all over again. so many parts of my life are marked with a tinge of sadness because he's not here anymore...the fact that he never met the man that is wonderful enough to sit and hold me as i cry (something i have never allowed a guy to do in the past)...that he never saw me graduate from college...never learned i wrote a book...that i live in california now...that i'm just like him...

land mines spring up and bust open my heart sometimes...they remind me that i'll always carry my father in my heart...that i'm constantly looking for signs of him...that he's still very much with the little girl from the movie.

people can say that film was bad... they're lucky that specific story didn't resonate. i on the other hand loved the film. it was beautiful and honest and sad...everything you truly feel when remembering someone that's no longer here was expressed...that makes it great.


  1. thank you for sharing this touching post. i don't think we ever get 'over' someone who passes away, and often it comes back, again and again, in passing in going, and we must shed tears and smile or cry a lot and then be still....and carry on.

    big hugs.



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