ryan nicole...

that was the name i am supposed to be rockin' in this world of ours, but nooo i'm stuck with a name that gets mangled and chopped up on a daily basis. 

last night i came home to a letter from kcrw. inside, was my fringe benefits card--a lovely little piece of plastic that allows me to cash in on discounts all around the los angeles area (a perk if you choose to support npr...) 

this is my question to the world at large: why, oh why did they have to cut the "a" off my name? was it too ghetto for the mouths of npr to pronounce on the air? was that specific vowel too much for the printer?

i shall never know. one thing i do know, though...every time i use this damn card my ass is going to twitch. 


  1. "what's in a name..." I SAY EVERYTHING! but seriously, what's in a would still be a green kiwi funky blogger, soon to be memoir author, soon to be actress! :)

    btw loved your last comment! hilarious. :)


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