it all led to this...

have you ever heard successful people talk about first jobs that prepared them for such and such?

i have finally finished my agent query letters and sent those puppies off. the whole process of getting my table of contents ready, writing the letter, buying the supplies to mail the letters off...well it all reminded me of various important factors when going after one's dream:  every tiny little event in my life helped get me to this moment.

i stuffed letters for a college i sat folding my babies i was reminded of the countless days i folded and stuffed letters for the endowment association. it doesn't stop with three fold technique though. of course college and finding out i can indeed write helped. the oopses i've made in acting helped. work loads dwindling so i could daydream to my little heart's content...these were all factors that strategically placed me where i am today.

before i mailed the letters, my guy asked if we could pray over them so i went to him, carrying my letters like a proud mama and we both closed our eyes as he went over some pretty sweet stuff concerning the luck i have with the book and the humble thanks we feel that i got this far. i teared up a bit. i think that's probably the sweetest encouragement and support one can get, don't you think?

so now i wait...i'll start to receive responses back from agents in the form of "heck to the yeah we want to see more of your book and we also want to give you gooberous amounts of money cuz we're gonna publish this ish and teach it in schools it rocks so hard!" or we could possibly hear"not interested in your boring life" replies but i'm not gonna think about that kind of stuff at this point. :)

it took me a year and a whole lotta change to write the book. it took me longer to dream it up. i'm really proud of this. it's been stressful--don't get it twisted. i thought the guy was seriously gonna rip my head off yesterday after listening to me bitch at the printer for not working...alas i still have my head.

at least i think i do...


  1. Tish....this is great!!! How exciting....and having a support through something you are doing is wonderful!

  2. Tishhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I 'm so proud and happy for you! Geesh, I know how hard it is to get through one paragraph let alone an entire book - 10 thousand gamillion kudos to you!!! I wish you good fortune! And I can’t wait to buy it, read it, and add it to my stash!!! Keep dreaming it up and making it happen! Angel

  3. @ martha: I agree sister! it really does help.

    @ angel: i'm glad i can make my favorite librarian proud :)thank you a million times over for being so supportive of all this!

  4. AHHHHHH!!!! So great! So proud of you! So envious, too ;)

  5. your day is coming my sweet

  6. I'm so very proud of you. Remember anything you reach out to achieve will be yours if you only believe. Love ya niece.... Aunt Tammy

  7. Congratulations! You're doing such big things. I'm so impressed. You go girl. I haven't heard that saying in a while. I'm bringing it back.

  8. I don't even know what an 'agent query' letter is/was! lol

    big congrats for putting it all together. It will all come together nicely.

    Write on....


  9. Congratulations. I am so excited for you. They will be calling you - I am sure.

  10. Congrats!! Writing it is more than enough to be proud of and more than what most people do, but I'm sure the "sharing it with the world" will join your list of accomplishments soon!


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