the invention of lying

i recently watched the invention of lying. i have to say it was quite hilarious. what a clever one in the world can lie. i SO wanna play that game!!! (you have to see the flick to see just how honest folks can be.) there's something refreshing about spilling the beans and still saying something lovely to the folks ya dig. it's a test of sorts.

without even thinking about it we live and surround ourselves with folks and go about our days just blabbin' truths. of course little white lies pop up from time to time (yeah, i dig my food burnt babe, etc.) but for the most part that's the beauty of our inner circles. those we can really truly be ourselves with.

that movie had me thinking all of that and then some...

do you know how hard it is to tell blatant truths with no agendas? i mean, we frickin' learn in acting classes that we speak with intention...we intend to get a certain reaction out of another. we never just say "i could never consider you as a possible match for me. your nose hairs are unacceptable"

it would take some kind of purity to just say it like it mean no harm. no're just stating how it is.

i know of only one person in the world capable of such a thing-kelly cutrone, my new sheroe. we live in a world of lies...that being said, i'll just have to stick to reality tv episodes of the city in order to get a refreshing dose of the truth.


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