fear me...tremble!

i can honestly say i'm a hypocrite and a half. i LOVE to scare people out of their dang minds, but can't STAND it when people get me. 

the other day the guy scared me so bad my eyes bugged out like some kind of cartoon character and i screamed like i was some sort of non-virgin big breasted chick from a horror movie about to get slaughtered. he ran away laughing his punk little arse off while i spazzy-like collected my guts, heart and pee from my pants.

i decided that was war...i gave it a couple of days of course...just so he wouldn't expect anything and then this morning i waited. he got up, went to the bathroom and took a shower...i waited for 30 minutes people, crouched down outside the door, giggling like a little dweeb thinking about the terror i'd see on his face.

the shower goes off. i hear him stirring with a towel...he gets closer to the door. he opens the door, i yell "YAWWW!" at him and he calmly asks "what are you doing on the floor tish?"

i can't stand his punk ass. 30 minutes of premeditated wickedness ruined. this doesn't happen to me. i'm not the one who lives in fear! it's them! it's always them. justice must be served...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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