far from a lemon

my beautiful old but dependable car almost blew the heck up last night. 

12:00am...crazy los angeles freeway, check engine light glows yellow. 30 seconds later massively huge clouds of smoke. that, my friends, is my worst friggin' nightmare. 

so yeah no one likes to deal with car issues but it's so much more of a sucky balls hot mess when you think of your car as a person. kizzix (my car) has been around since the first week of my freshmen year of college. she's been there with me thru some interesting times. 

a deer once ran into the side of her on a kansas highway. she's been on countless awesome road trips as well as the ultimate road trip--the big move to la la land. 

on my way to work each day i pat her lovingly and say thanks for hanging with me for so long. she's been my trusty steed and i love her lots. i actually paid for her with some of the money i received from my father's trust...so you see, i associate that darn car with oh so much more than just a vehicle that gets me from point a to b. she's fam bam!

i'm sitting here waiting for the nice man at the shop to give me the low down on my loved one. she might be done...it might be time for a new car and if that happens ya'll are gonna laugh at me cuz i'm gonna cry like a baby. when you name things they became more than machine. i swear she's lasted as long as she has because of that...

she's definitely had her lemon moments but overall she's been good to me. i'm surprised i'm this calm. last night i just came to the realization that this kind of thing happens. yes, i just made a proclamation that i would not charge anything...paid off one credit card and now i may have a car bill/payment . lol...that's life. lemonade out of lemons...drink it up.


  1. Oh my goodness....that would be a nightmare...hope she hangs in there for you a bit longer!

  2. Let's not forget your roomie running INTO IT WHEN IT WAS PARKED.

  3. lol i TOTALLY forgot you did that erin lol...ha!

    wow...i really have had that puppy for quite some time. how many cars have you had since then? lol

    @martha, i hope she hangs in there too! i'm cheap! i don't want a car payment lol


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