the effects of a contagious dreamer

i love when i remind folks it's cool to dream. it's cool to think big. definitely cool to go after the little buggers too. i have a friend who used to work in my building who is a fellow dreamer and supports me and mine on a daily basis.

the other day she came back to her old stomping grounds to surprise me with this:

apparently ms gina's dream consists of art stuff. she saw a page on my facebook of me as a kid (the last time i was comfortable in a dress) and sketched it...the kicker humdinger though? she added an oscar to my little biddy dreaming hand.

it's a beautiful thought...someone's dreams floating into hearts and inspiring others, motivating them and touching them to pick back up the (fill in the blank) or start such and such. i'm honored to have a sweet friend like her. she had the tears streaming for sure.

after awhile you forget who inspires who...


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