dream a little dream

i heart oprah. i heart dream boards...there can only be one reaction from combining the two...upon learning that oprah now allows one to create a dream board on her web site i about peed my muther truckin' pants. 

dream boards are good for the soul people. if you're in a funk and are faltering a bit with believing in yourself, i suggest going to the site and creating your own little collage of wishes.

break down of the dream:
  • the title was important. the year you turn 29 is the year you can ask the universe for anything and you shall receive. i'm all for that theme!
  • i believe dreams should be practical and beneficial. i realize that asking for gobs of money isn't really looking at your dreams respectfully...thus i dream about real life nest eggs and money to travel. 
  • my book goals had to be included 
  • having an opportunity to play with fashion and get dolled up would make me happy
  • the rest you can pretty much guess. these are my dreams. they're what's for dinner.


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