when it resonates...

...it changes everything.

my life is a series of extraordinary events that have shaped me into the loon you read about now. as cliche and corny as it sounds, it's true. like corinne bailey said once, "events crush us into something..." if she says it, ya know it's true. why? because she's corinne and she's sweet, angelic, sings on a stage and has perfect curly hair...i don't know why. because!

any who...last week i experienced one of those events...i was invited to this documentary watch party. the film covered bill withers (the artist who sang that sweet, sweet song lovely day and lean on me.) i thought it would be a nice little film about a musician...my low expectations left room for a colossal surprise. 

i'm not gonna lie to kick it. this post was heck-oh hard to write. i've hit the delete key one too many times. i wanted to write something as profound and soul stirring as the documentary itself, but i have too much ish on the brain apparently. i'm trying not to give ya'll my written diarrhea. let me know if i fail miserably.

so basically, the film, still bill, blew my mind away. it's been a long time since i've heard a man speak the way mr withers spoke...the way he thinks...acts, ugh i crave men like him! (strictly platonic)

he's this wise soul that captivates you. he's so much more than a voice. he molds music together with his soul...you feel it. i mean really feel it after you hear him speak about life. i caught myself writing, jotting down notes like a maniac.

he inspired the heck out of that whole buzzing room. (it actually produced the poem i wrote and posted a couple of days ago.) i would look around...especially at the buddy i took with me and watch as his light bulb would go off...bill would say something i have said in the past or describe why he's written or wanted something and buddy boy would nod his head...find familiarity in the man's words.  it's like he saw me thru him....has that ever happened to you?

somehow this film shined a light front and center and exposed my little bitty heart. he said that before you get to great you have to pass thru alright. if you're lucky someday you'll hear "you are (fill in the blank)" and if you're sane enough to get the message and brave enough to own it, you'll become something to talk about. that made me smile.  i heard my "you are" recently. for the longest i ignored the polite little voice telling me i was a writer. well, i'm sane now.

after the film, the director stood up and urged the audience to buy the film and put together watch parties to get the word out. i plan on buying it (http://www.stillbillthemovie.com/) and having my very own enlightenment session. get the progressive pals together and share the luv...


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