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once upon a time i had a friend who had a boss with an interesting *story...

this friend of mine told me how her boss had this son with some sort of learning disability that noticeably affected his social skills, but didn't prevent him from living alone (just in a supervised community.)

so this mom boss calls her son to check up on him. he answers and in a rushed manner explains how he can't talk for long because he has to feed his troll. the mom chalks this up to weirdness and hangs up.

the next day though she calls him back. the son answers and shouts at her "mom, i can't talk! my troll is trying to escape!" and slams the phone down.

the mom, now concerned, rushes over to his place. she opens the door and sees chaos. the couch is turned over and pictures on walls are hanging crooked. just as she's about to call the police to report a crime, her son comes out of the bedroom. he's totally disheveled and has scratch marks across his cheek.

she asks him what in the heck happened and he says "i told you my troll was trying to escape."

at that moment she heard a pounding sound coming from the bathroom. she slowly walked to the door, opened it a crack and peered inside. there...she found a little person.

apparently this dude had come knocking on the son's door--jehovah witness fellow trying to save a soul--instead he was mistaken for a troll and taken in as a pet.

lol i know i shouldn't laugh at this mess, but i was on the ground ROLLING when my buddy told me this story...which is totally true.

...tickled me green. thought i'd share. :)

*after this went to post (don't i sound official?) my heifa ass clown friend told me that the story was false!!! i almost took this down. who makes that ish up dang it?! i hate snopes and love it simultaneously.


  1. Oh my. As if that little person's life wasn't enough of a challenge.


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