this is worth the five finger slap...

so d has finally returned from the land of man. (san jose, ca) being the nosy wanker that i am, i immediately started grilling him about what he did and all that jazz.

apparently my boy d got his inner manly man on. these dudes ate large quantities of pizza, attended a warriors game, got drunk at dave and busters and i'm sure burped and farted. (it's their first language i swear.)

the following conversation ensued:

me: wow...lots of man time. did you guys discuss who had the biggest penis?

d: (giggling like a little japanese school girl) noooo....

me: you didn't do the "no I have the biggest one" (i said this with my hans and franz man voice)

d: (giggling like a little japanese school girl ) noooo....

me: well what kind of men are you guys?!

d: he shrugged his shoulders and did his little d dance (he shuffles his feet side-to-side)

i secretly wish i could be a fly on the wall when he's with the boys. i swear they do a bunch of totally disgusting guy stuff that he's intentionally keeping from me...he-man women haters! 

that darn secret societiy ish ALL OVER AGAIN! 

pre-ombudsman (aka the note that keeps tishy from getting the five-finger slap, special delivery from d):  d thinks i punk him too much in my, for the record, d is really the shiznit. only a secure dude would approve this ish i post about him lol...and i do share with him before posting...BY THE WAY! he's the main dude in my life...the one i go to for all the things i need a guy to do...i ask him how to set up my tv to my dvd player...what's the best kind of (fill in the blank) to get from best buy. he's THAT guy.  he just happens to be that guy and a giddy japanese school girl...that is all :) love ya man!!!


  1. that last paragraph isnt gonna save you from getting 5 across the eyes!...nice try!

  2. hi D!!!

    welcome to my page you twit-meister...everyone (i.e. me) knows that's you commenting.

    i shall block the abuse


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