sprite of trouble

i am a sprite of trouble

or so i've been told

i flit about my day

letting havoc unfold...

welp...the best friend has left my side of the world and is back in her part of the world--middle earth. (...in case you were wondering why the heck i thought i could give ya'll a blogging weekday break)

j and her husband (mr perfect) arrived last thursday and we spent the entire time on the go it seemed. we covered mad freeway and made sure to keep our bellies chalk-a-block full of tasty naughty food over that stretch of time.

it was so cool road trippin' with the gang. we made sure to stop for convenience store beverages from time to time. we visited the getty museum. we took pics. we cooked and we watched the princess and the frog and hot tub time machine. we discussed philosophical things over mexican train (i did not make that game name up by the way...target did!) and later, divided (boys to the south, girls to the valley) for some key best friend time.

j and i went to the farmer's market, got pedicures (where we learned queen latifah tips well. lisa maria presley does not), watched the september issue and vicky cristina barcelona, got dranks and grub at one of my favorite mexican restaurants, and of course watched episodes of sex and the city while drinking copious amounts of wine WHILE maintaining our girlish figures. :)

yesterday afternoon we met back up with the fellas for some roscoe's chicken and waffles and then my darling friend and i parted ways. i hate it when they leave!

i had a great time. got some deep talks in with j...including a whole conversation concerning this ugly grouchy side of us that we're not proud of. our nasty sides pop up sometimes. friends are totally a cure for such misery though...that and an article off of oprah's web site that hit the issue straight on the head.

sometimes we can be some real sprites of trouble. that's why friend time was sooo necessary. there was a moment while we were getting pedicures...all my fatigue, ticks and boredom with work monotony fell away and i was left with my best friend beside me laughing in a chair while some cute vietnamese fella tickled my toes.

a little sprinkle of pics for ya


  1. Awww! I had the BEST time. So freakin' needed. Want more!!!


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