LACMA:  the los angeles county museum of art

 this is me wondering if i really just felt an earth quake. the photographer had no clue...

 i look deep when i check out's a ploy to pick up hipsters

 gotta love california art. this piece was titled "first day on the job"...she's a porn actress and they're totally doing it in the background

 surrounded...if you look closely you can see the trickle from where i wet myself out of fear. also if you look close my elbow shadow looks like a wee wee :)

this was one of the exhibits i was too cheap to go in, but it looked really swell :)

this was called "the kite". you can't tell in this picture but the light on the wall was actually a video of a moving's nature for agoraphobics. 

mama and baby azul...i'm pretty sure you should flip the kid over if he turns this color


  1. I really dig "First Day on the Job." Who knew a pic of a porn set could invoke such thought. That poor girl looks like she doesn't really wanna be there? But what do I know.

  2. that's the beauty of art...we'll never know if she was bored and wanted more action...maybe she was tired from a long day of pounding but still enjoyed it...maybe she was wondering how the heck she had gotten there...good art makes ya ask those questions i guess


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