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i recently had a conversation with a pervy mcpervington about a certain post he had read. apparently the amount of skin tickled his randy. that randiness spawned the following blurb:  

caveman: you should just put pictures of you in every blog for no apparent reason. and just be like "bam, here i am"

me: lol i will actually do that just for you. i don't know how much skin will be showing but i shall try

caveman: how can u not know how much skin will be showing, when you will have complete control over it? lol. just make it comparable to what you've been doing so far.

me: lol don't tell me what to wear anna wintours wannabe! (ooooh, alliteration!)

caveman: uh...excuse me? don't you get buck with me from a distance. b/c i will not forget and you will pay the penalty whenever i see you, miss thing. u will wear skinful clothing and you will LIKE it.

so without further ado...

BAM, here i am! SKIN SKIN SKIN!!!

love this color. it's recycle...genius name


this is what i looked like post lasik :)
green with writing envy

gnarly bruise and swelling from my recent bike trip

sexy i know...this apparent sell-out better increase my followers yo.


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