playing pretend

i swear i'm still a kid dreaming of the day i make it into double digits and can see over the counter top. all of, life, etc...well it's all a weird dream that i can't seem to shake.

i was on this big important conference call for my job the other day. i sat and showed directors and vice presidents how to do a, b and c and i swear all i wanted to do was go watch tv, possibly write a blog about it... how scary is it that the future of parts of my company rest on the shoulders of goofy space cadet me? gulp.

when did this happen? lol how in the WORLD did i get here? and what kind of kool-aid are these people drinking if they think i'm a competent one?!




  1. Dude, I always felt like I was faking it when I worked in a cube for The Man. With a baby on the way I'm thinking, "Crap! Now I have to fake that I'm competent enough to raise a child!"


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