*meet cute adventures

as i sit here listening to the theme song to beetlejuice i realize i'm pretty darn happy with the way this weekend panned out. 

i've been a little secret nymph lately with my dating life and i apologize for that...(a pox upon me for a clumsy lout) not everyone's comfortable with their business being out there quite like i am about mine (read: my dude ain't havin' the luv and kiwi tell all--after the rose ceremony) so i'll try to manouver and shimmy around the black and white areas into the grey when i can :)

so yes...IZE GOT ME A MAN! all i can say is woo to the hoo tishy cuz he's a darn tootin' good one. i pinch him daily to remind myself of this. and while i'm pretty much a dating guru, i'm not so guru when it comes to mature honest responsible grown up relationships. (lots of douches haunt my past.) this one is throwing me for a loop for sure due to that big honkin' mean fact. i feel like every day we learn something new and cool about dating someone totally rad...like i can spend time with him and not want to cut his pee pee off for criticizing me for my wardrobe choice for the umpteenth time. refreshing much...

this weekend we did something that dating folks do that i totally forgot about: i was introduced to a clan of the friends for the first time. 


yes, i've met buds one-on-one before, but never in a group setting where i'm 100% sure they're all there to check out the new chick they've been hearing about. it ended up going quite well THANK GOODNESS! his friends were so awesome and fun and one couple even brought a little girl to play with me (biological clock is still tickin' like a spaz dog in a disco-lit flashing room)

so yeah i brought my favorite kansas city concoction to the table--a diesel. this beverage consists of rootbeer and guiness, more beer than root of course. it's quite tasty and the gang seemed to enjoy it. we hung out, laughed, i listened as the gang told me funny stories about my guy...it was really nice and chill and i totally felt welcomed and befriended. (not to mention fed...one bud is a chef. can we say KA-CHING!)

mama likes food!

all in all i'm really thankful to the big Guy upstairs for sending me such a keeper. maybe that's why i had to bawl over so many toads...it was so that one day i could sit facing my guy and wanna pinch the living shit out of him for being so damn cute and sweet.

*meet cute=me and my guy. we totally had a meet cute kind of hook up situation. maybe some day if i bribe him with enough of his favorite things in life he'll let me tell ya'll about it.


  1. Glad you had a good time with 'the friends' - otherwise I may have had to set them straight on your awesomeness ;)

    Also, thanks to your making me watch The Holiday, I didn't even have to click on your oh-so-handy definition of 'meet cute' :)

  2. i am oh so glad you caught that little reference my dear ;)


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