a luv note

my friends pretty much rock my world. having a shatty week? borrow my buds and find instant happiness!

i got this in the mail recently from one of my college roommates. it tickled my fancy...reminded me that i'm loved by people that are simply lovely. i swear i feel like i write this darn blog to myself most days. i forget that people actually read it and that i may say something that helps someone else out or makes another proud. then i get some sweet THANG in the mail like dees and i'm reminded that the internet is a big, big place.

according to b, there are different ways to communicate your love for another. the way i need to be communicated with involves the verbal stuff. i need to hear it (or read it)...others need physical touch (a hug or a bop on the shoulder), you know what i'm talking about vern? this random act of sweetness will last me a long, long time. like the weird stuff that flicks out of your teeth when you floss...it's gonna stick.

it's good to be loved by the lovely. thank you erin bo derin!


  1. that is so wonderful Tish!!! I am soo glad that made your day and those are some great friends you've got! Hope your week is better:)

  2. That's so amazing - yay friendship!

    As for me, I'm one of those hug-bop gals. A well-placed, spontaneous show of affection goes a looooooong way with me.

    But really, aren't we all just wired to appreciate it when people send us love for no particular reason? :)


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