kick ass

holy bumper dinks! i saw THE most totally awesomely wicked movie saturday night. i saw kick ass--a movie i THOUGHT was a kid's flick about being a super hero. (think shark boy crap) but holy gee wiz was i mistaken. 

the movie was in no way shape or form for little ones. lots of booby...lots of adult content. it was hilarious! the writing? KICK ASS! the action-packed bloody stuff? KICK ASS! (at one point my guy asked if this was a tarantino film) the cast? KICK ASS to the 10th power. the everything? KICK AAAAAAAAASSS!

while the guy went to tinkle, i stood in line to get our parking ticket validated and watched as other folks trickled out of the theater. cuba gooding jr was there. he dug it. everyone was screaming and yelling "THAT WAS AWESOME!"...i give this movie a million kiwis which means you should go see it. that's a nice direct order for all you slow ones.

 i think everyone in the audience now has a crush on this jail bate totally awesomely wicked chick


  1. "A million kiwis." I love it. Must see it!

  2. Dang it! I've literally been waiting months for this movie to come out and now that it's out, I haven't been able to make the time to see it. I must see it! Rarrr!


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