i ran a 5k and all i got was this lousy accomplishment

boy was a i scared to run today. yes, i realize i've run 26.2 miles...and liked it. 

it's one thing to set a goal that states all i must do is finish the darn race (i'm a typical "type a" nut job. if i don't cross something off the list as "finished" i think my butt would probably fall apart from all the twitching...) it's another thing to figure out how much you suck when it comes to speed. i was scared to be the turtle...i'll admit it. i was hoping for some hare yo!

finishing is one thing. running an actual race that involves speed and runners you KNOW are ten times better than you is another. i eased my way to the start line and waited with the semi-massive crowd of folk who had gathered for the evening 3.1 run. i took a deep breath and i began. 

it was HAWD ya'll! i haven't really kept up a normal running schedule since the race. i could feel my lungs screaming about 10 minutes in and i couldn't seem to regulate my breathing like i used to be able to do so effortlessly. the moment i realized i had no control was the moment my brain went "oh shit!"

luckily, i had a friend running with me. it was her first time to run a race period so i focused more on helping her than me. we ran and at the end we sprinted with all our might. then we figured out that wasn't really the end. we about died. then we kept running, saw the end and sprinted with all our might again...then we finished. 33:00 minutes exactly. (an 11 minute pace).

i now have a pace to start with and tear down :) it's a new goal i guess...according to kat from pretty woman ya gotta have a goal, ya know? the point of all this, though...well i'm kind of proud of myself. i try new things. i'm not afraid to sweat some. i'm not ashamed to admit i ran an 11 minute mile (when i could do an 8 minute in high school.) i helped out a friend thru a hard first run.  i DO things. that in itself is an accomplishment i'll cherish for a long, long time. 

ps. earlier i referred to those who run 10 times faster than me...well one of those speedies is a bud of mine, karen. this heifa actually WON in her division. straight up gold medal ya'll. i think i scared the crowd because when she won i screamed bloody murder loud and jumped up and down...kind of like i, myself, had won the dang thing. it's very, oh-so-nice, to ride back home with a champion. just saying...if you can't be one, befriend one!


  1. Go 'head Runner Girl! 5K's aren't easy so be proud of yourself for pushing through.

  2. YOu always make me laugh...and what a great thing you did...you will get to where you want to be...I do know that about you:)


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